Friday, March 27, 2009

Internet Freedom

In being away from the cluttered, compressed mess that was our former house I've made a discovery about me and my use of the internet. Formerly, I was pretty much an addict. When I didn't need to be doing something else I was surfing the web, visited forums or reading blogs. Now? If I don't get on the internet for a day or two or more I'm absolutely fine. And when I am on I do what I need too and then get off.

Now there's no doubt that having dial-up has had some role in my breaking free of the net. Surfing just isn't what it used to be when it takes tens of seconds for web pages to load and when some, like the real estate search engine and YouTube are essentially inaccessible. But that's not the only factor and not, I think, even the most important one. The biggest change has been having space for me.

See, I think I used to retreat to the internet because there was simply no where else for me to go in the house to be alone. There was no room where someone else wasn't doing something or even a corner where the noise of a home didn't intrude. Now I have tons of it. Our living room has become a quiet place for reading. The dining room is only occupied at meal times. My bedroom is pleasant and has a working door. There's peace and quiet and alone time potential all over this house. I've been reading and drawing more in this house in the last month then I had for the last 6 months in the other one.

If I don't post as often now, well, apologies but know that it's because I'm enjoying life away from the computer screen again.


Not June Cleaver said...

Sounds like heaven. No apologies necessary!

Mom, M.Ed. said...


Time, roominess, pleasant space outdoors...all good excuses for less web time.

I surf the web significantly less when it's warm outside--I blog less in the summertime.

Don't apologize...have fun in your spacious place! :o)