Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Advent 2008, Day 2

Today's offering is recycled from last year (as many offerings will be) but darn it, it's a lot of fun and a game I've been playing for years.

Bouterdart is a gnome tossing game. Yes, a gnome tossing game.

The game is mostly in German but the key buttons are in something close enough to english. Controls are simple. Simply click on the gnomes you want to use, holding the mouse button down. When the dart board appears move your mouse forward a buit to throw and release the mouse button when you want to send your gnome flying.

Hours of fun and giggles.

When you do finally tire of the game there are some very cute little gnomes to make over at Our Little Nature Nest. Not strictly a Christmas craft but it could be a fun seasonal thing if you grab a good knife, take a nature walk, find a nice stick then cut it into stubs and whittle one end to a point as in the picture on the blog. Paint the gnomes in Christmasy colours and then set them up around a minture tree and voila!

If Gnomes don't say Christmas to you feel free to substitute every instance of "gnome" in this post with "elf" and you're good to go!


molytail said...

cute! took me a bit to make it work because of not being very good with this laptop and it's weird ....pad thing...no mouse LOL....but it's cute and the little wooden stick things are adorable! :-D

molytail said...

okay where ya hidin'? >^..^<